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Off The Grid

I have been asked what it was like to be off the grid for a few years. The question is simple to answer. I cleansed my mind the way quitting smoking cleanses one’s body.

I had a phone, but limited my email, text and internet. I refused to watch TV, listen to the radio or read a newspaper (well as minimal as modern times will allow). Basically, family and close friends only. A campout with sketchy wifi service.

At first I thought I was missing everything. As it turned out, I missed nothing. I did, however lose something. My negativity.

It is really tough to get me angry these days. Shocking I know. Not that I have lost any passion. Actually it’s the reverse. I am even more alive.

It made me understand the bliss of the old world, the face-to-face conversations, to drink homemade lemonade, cook all day, play analog games, be a neighbor, learn a culture, grow a garden, paint a picture, write a song, crank a guitar, tell a story, train a dog, raise children.

Brand messages could not reach me. Can I tell you a secret? I have not seen a commercial on TV, or an ad on the net, for anything I want or need yet. Not too many shows worth the time either.

I do feel like a pop moron though. Friends talk about these communal events that occurred, and I don’t know much about them. I could bump into a Cowell, or the Goslin’s, or a @biz, and not recognize them. It has become quite a novelty.

I discovered the news I needed to through word of mouth. Generally in a timely manner. Ok, maybe a day late, or in some cases weeks, but nothing that really affected me. Nothing I could have changed.

Yes, there were some financial consequences. Time to reinvent myself once more. Have been doing it all my life. I truly feel privileged.

My father told me about the circles of life. One circle within the other. The inner circle symbolizes the things in life you can control, the outer circle the things you can not. The objective in life is to make your inner circle as large as possible.


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