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Time For The Twitter Cops

There seems to be an acceptance of the growth of some unethical practices on Twitter. It is time to reinforce some decorum.

Has anyone else noticed that there are no rules associated with many Twitter promotions? Just recently, I witnessed a Twelve-days of Xmas promotion that ended after eight days because someone went on vacation. I have seen a promise of prizes involving cars and other gadgets if you retweeted or followed someone, yet the rules changed daily and the giveaways happened randomly.

Now I am hearing about blackmail and libel threats related to tweets – what you said is a lie and I will tell so and so that you said blah blah. Anyone can say anything without consequences? Yes the community can shout back, but the reality is, it is easy to hide. Plus, our attention spans are so short, no one really cares.

Twitter is still privately owned. I understand ‘open’ platform concepts. Yet, as with my old retail store, customers are guests who are invited in. If I think you are abusing this privilege I will ask you to leave, or have you removed.

It is easy to predict that there will be Twitter scams and negative news to balance the blind joy that Twitter has experienced. It is time for Twitter Inc. to lay down some law, or it will be time for the Twitter Cops from Washington. A thought leader is simply someone who states the obvious, and than takes credit for it. So there, I said it first.


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