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Real Time or Steal Time.

My grandfather used to read the morning paper. My father would watch the evening news. They would each have a scotch after dinner. Imagine if we increased our consumption of alcohol proportionally to our increase in media. Is it Real Time or Steal Time?

Many of my dearest friends and family members are too busy. They don’t have any free time. They spend so much energy on electronic media, that they have forgotten how to communicate face to face. There is just too much ground-breaking news, too many deals to close, too much information to absorb, and if you missed that split second when it was announced, well…

There have been recent studies that claim you spend more time on social media when you are depressed. I state the opposite is true. I believe social media causes depression, the way overeating causes diabetes.

Sometimes you just need to lift your head. Look around you. Look up, look down. See the piece of gum on the sidewalk before you step on it.

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